Product Care

Hudson Wight sailing clothing is designed to perform well in the most testing conditions using the best technical fabrics available.

To keep your products performing at their best, please follow the care instructions and the recommendations below to care for your technical clothing.

Waterproof Outer Layers

  • After use, rinse off thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry
  • Unless absolutely necessary avoid using a washing machine as this can harm the membrane and remove the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment on the outside of the fabric.
  • Tumble dry on warm (NOT HOT!) as this will help restore the DWR
  • Never store wet
  • All breathable Garments breath better in wet conditions if regularly retreated with a DWR. You can tell if this is required by how well water beads off the fabric. DWR helps the fabric keep breathing in prolonged wet conditions by helping to stop the outer nylon layer "wetting out". Hudson Wight recommends Nikwax TX Direct Spray or 3M Scotch Guard for outdoor fabrics. These are widely available online.
For the rest of our product ranges, please follow the care and wash instructions on the label inside the garment. If you are still unsure how to care for your product, please contact us.